21 maggio 2016

LONDRA "Britain's Future, Labour's Future"

This year’s Fabian
Summer Conference, organised together with FEPS, entitled 

‘Britain’s Future,
Labour’s Future’

will examine the UK’s EU referendum choice and map out routes
to recovery for the centre left. 

The day will divide into two halves, with the
morning devoted to questions of Britain and Europe and the afternoon asking how
the Labour Party can respond to today’s other economic, social and political

Our keynote speaker GORDON BROWN will deliver a major speech on the EU

MASSIMO D'ALEMA, FEPS President will open the day’s discussions.

During the rest of the morning the conference will debate the competing
arguments of the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns – and after lunch the
conference will explore the future direction of the left where FEPS will also

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