30 novembre 2019

GUANGZHOU (Cina) - 2019 Imperial Springs International Forum

The World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid
(WLA-CdM). For the fourth consecutive year, the WLA-Club de Madrid will be
co-organizing the Imperial Springs International Forum (ISIF) in Conghua,
China, in collaboration with the Australia-China Exchange and Friendship
Association, the Chinese PeopleĀ“s Association of Friendship with Countries and
the Guangdong Provincial Government.

2019 ISIF will address 'Multilateralism &
Sustainable Developmentā€™
, a particularly relevant issue at a time when
power shifts and great power rivalries have seriously been undermining and
eroding the international order put in place after World War II, and this in
spite of the urgency for broader and deeper international cooperation in the
face of pressing challenges such as climate change, sustainable development,
cross-border infrastructure and the regulation of new technologies. Creative
thinking, new strategies and different agreements will be essential to breathe
life back into the system.